Here is something I would like you to know about me: I LOVE what I do. I am so grateful that for the past few years of collaborating with individuals and business owners, I have been able to be a part of creating beautiful, colorful, fun content that reflects people and brands for who they are, and what they do. It’s a dream, truly! Allow me tell you more about what I do. PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTOGRAPHER BUSINESS PHOTOGRAPHY, HEADSHOTS, CLIENT WORK PORTFOLIO, FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY, BRANDING Food Photography // With the content that I create for restaurants and food products, I love getting creative and thinking outside the box! I love creating nostalgia, making things vibrant and beautiful, creating dynamics, and keeping it entertaining, always. I want people to see your product and WANT it right then and there-- and I also want people to know that it’s legit. I have a ton of fun combining my branding experience with making food content that is both artistic and purposeful. I get hype about bringing food to life! Product Photography // My process for product photography always begins with getting to know my client, their brand, and their goals for the representation of their product. This largley shapes the direction I take the content creation! I always love achieving a mixure of flat lays, lifestyle images, and candid moments with the product. I find that variety and strategy togther, often creates your brand’s sweet spot with the audience!I... LOVE doing photoshoots with couples, and individuals—for whatever the occasion may be! Whether this is engagement photos, or senior photos, or a special event, Fernwilder is SO in. If there’s anything I am learning about myself as a business owner, it is that I thrive more when I am not confining myself to one lane! I love learning and growing and capturing people’s real and raw moments. As a creative it is a high priority of mine to stay dilligent in growing my craft and adaptiong with the changing seasons. This means being ready for whatever photo needs you might have... tomorrow!
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